Are Muck Boots Waterproof?

Muck Boots, the common name for the large selection of outdoor boots offered by The Original Muck Boot Company®, are a big name in the industry.

The Original Muck Boot Company® offers a variety of styles that go from ankle boots to almost knee-highs.

are muck boots waterproof

While they share a similar structure, most are 100% waterproof, but not all.

Are All Muck Boots Waterproof?

The Original Muck Boot Company® offers a huge selection of outdoor boot styles.

However, not all of them are created equal.

Some of the models are specifically made for wet, muddy conditions, while others shine in snowy, icy weather. 

The company offers the following collections for men: Muckster Garden Collection, Vibram™ Arctic Ice Grip, NEOS Overshoe®, Chore, Muck Originals Collection, Edgewater, Xpresscool, APEX Outdoor Pursuit Boot, Forager, and Outscape. 

Of the 136 available models, only 104 are 100% waterproof.

As for women, these are the collections available: Muckster Garden Collection, Muck Originals Collection, Vibram™ Arctic Ice Grip, NEOS Overshoe®, Glacier Trek™, Chore, Hale, APEX Outdoor Pursuit Boot, Derby Equestrian Boots, Forager, Nomadic Sport, and Outscape. 

Of the 167 models available, only 118 are 100% waterproof.

The kids’ collections are Hale, Rugged II, Kids’ Halo Lace, and Solstice Collection. Of the 31 available styles, 28 styles are 100% waterproof.

The company has some styles that are more fit for casual wear and won’t offer as much protection from wet conditions as the more rugged styles.

So, while the classic models of Muck Boots are 100% waterproof, you should check the listing of the specific style you intend to buy.

Are Muck Chore Boots Waterproof?

The Muck Chore boot style is the company’s claim to fame.

Most people recognize the Chore Muck boots as the original because they just get the job done. 

They are 100% waterproof, thanks to the 5mm CR Flex-Foam neoprene liner and rubber overlays.

They also have a breathable mesh lining that wicks away humidity and perspiration, making the boots dry and comfortable on the inside as well. 

The boots come in a variety of styles to cater to different uses, such as a steel toe variety that makes for sturdy work boots.

There’s also a comp toe, CSA resistant Chore boot model that resists viral penetration, which is ideal for work in swamps and rivers.

The Chore boots are also offered in mid-length for easier maneuverability in conditions that don’t require full calf coverage.

This style is great for taking off without using your hands, as well as providing 100% waterproof protection for your feet.

Are Muck Edgewater Boots Waterproof?

Just like the Chores, the Edgewater Muck boots are a classic style.

Designed for those who engage in a lot of outdoor activity and want their feet warm and dry throughout, the Edgewaters have a wide-tracking waffle outsole for better traction.

They are 100% waterproof, just like their Chore counterparts.

The Muck Edgewater is ideal for those who enjoy year-round outdoor activities, as the style also offers breathable mesh lining to prevent blistering in warm weather.

The perfect insulation from the neoprene boots offers protection to 65℉/ 18℃.

While the Edgewater style of Mucks is only available for men, their Arctic Sport line for women offers similar features.

Are Muck Boots Fully Waterproof To The Top?

Muck Boots look divided into two sections, the neck and the upper.

Most people believe that just because the boot neck and upper look different, the neck must not be as waterproof as the upper. 

Well, the good news is that the neck is also 100% waterproof, so Muck boots are waterproof all the way up.

The neoprene material the neck is made from is water-resistant and doesn’t allow the wetness to come inside.

The upper just has a rubber covering that helps with rigidity, stiffness, and ease of cleaning.

That said, if you have a thin calf and your Mucks don’t fit snugly around your leg, there’s a chance rain or splashing water can come inside.

The moisture-wicking lining can help with that to an extent, but your feet might blister if the boots are worn for a long time while waterlogged on the inside.

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