Do Ziploc Bags Work As Waterproof Cases?

Ziploc bags work very well as waterproof cases. 

Ziplocs are designed to be airtight, if they can keep air out then they can also work very well for keeping water out.

Be aware that Ziploc bags are prone to puncturing if they make contact with rocks or stones.

Also the Ziploc seal may be forced open particularly if the bag has a lot of air in it if, for example, you jump into a body of water with the bag.

That said Ziploc bags are far better at waterproofing than all other sealable plastic bag alternatives.

Why Are Ziploc Bags So Good At Waterproofing?

The modern Ziploc bag is the result of decades of engineering innovation.

Their design is surprisingly complex for such a seemingly simple product.

It has been tweaked and changed so that it seals better, makes more noise when closing (up to 50 decibels so that you can be certain it is properly sealed), and an overhanging flap to make it much easier to open.

Of course the real genius of the Ziploc is in the seal itself.

Each zipper is made up of tiny J-shaped grooves and arrowheads which interlock creating the air and water tight seal.

The upper zipper hooks are slightly rounded making it far easier to close than open which also ensures that it is harder for the seal to break and therefore further prevent water or air from permeating the bag.

The second zipper has slightly different hooks which are more pointy and opposing so that internal pressure pulls them together rather than pops the seal (as used to happen in older Ziploc designs).

Waterproof Alternatives To The Ziploc Bag

Ziploc bags are the best choice for quick, cheap and easy to use waterproofing for small items like electronics.

However there are plenty of alternatives available.

Here are a few good choices:

  • Stasher Silicone Food Bags
  • Jars
  • Pyrex
  • Tupperware

The item you want to keep waterproof and the activity you plan to do with it are important to bear in mind when selecting a waterproof container.

Food bags and Tupperware can work great for most electronics.

Pyrex, jars and Tupperware are great for food items.

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