How To Keep Luggage Dry In Truck Bed

A truck bed is the floor or bottom of a wagon, truck, or trailer. They’re also called boxes. 

How can you keep your luggage dry in your truck bed though, if it rains while you travel? 

No need to worry, as here are some ways how to keep them dry:

Use a Truck Bag

You can use a truck bag to protect your cargo from getting wet. 

Truck bags are made from PVC or polyvinyl chloride. This is a water-repellent, non-breathable material, thus making the bag weatherproof. 

These bags are also airtight and can usually fit up to three suitcases. Different sizes are available depending on the size of your truck bed, however. 

Truck bags seem big and heavy, but they’re lightweight and easy to store. They can be easily folded and rolled up when put in storage. 

They’re available in hardware stores, department stores, and even online. 

Use a Tarp

You can also opt for the old-fashioned but still reliable way of using a tarp. This is the most inexpensive way to protect your luggage from getting wet. 

Tarps are durable and readily available, as you may already have one in your garage or storage room. It’s easy to install by following these steps:

  • Start by flattening out the truck bed and stacking two huge tarps on top of each other
  • Put your luggage in the middle, then fold the first tarp to enclose the payload
  • Next, use a strong rope or bungee cord to tie the ends of the first tarp together
  • Roll the pile onto the second tarp after taking it out, similarly to how you would fold a burrito
  •  Lastly, make sure to secure the ends firmly. Gorilla tape is very good at preventing water from getting in so can be used to seal the edges 

Another way of using a tarp is by placing the tarp over the trunk bed once you’ve loaded the luggage in the trunk. Then use bungee cords around the car’s edges to secure it. 

Install a Tonneau Cover

A tonneau, pronounced as “tuh-know” for those unfamiliar with the word, is French for cask or barrel. It sounds like a fancy word, but tonneaus are widely used protective truck bed covers specifically designed to match the dimensions of your truck. 

This product keeps luggage dry and comes with locks to secure your luggage from theft. Here’s how to install a tonneau cover:

  • Before purchasing a tonneau cover, measure your truck bed to know the size you should buy. 
  • If needed, drill pilot holes in your truck bed’s side rails 
  • The tonneau cover will be fastened to your truck using these holes
  • Install your tonneau cover on top of your truck bed
  • Use the screws to fasten the tonneau cover to the side rails
  • Before operating the truck, make sure the cover is tight and secure

Install a Truck Bed Box

Another option is to use a truck bed box. Truck boxes come in different styles and materials such as plastic, aluminum, steel, waterproof, or cantilever. 

If you’re a traveler, the waterproof option is the best. A good quality truck box will keep your equipment dry and secure since they also come with locks. 

In case you’ve decided to install a truck bed box, here are the steps to do it:

  • Assemble the grip rite brackets loosely
  • Attach the brackets’ adhesive padding
  • Measure the distance between the box and the truck bed brackets
  • Make sure the box door has enough space to open and close securely
  • Fasten the brackets, then place the box in line with the brackets
  • Screw down the box into the bracket holes and tighten the screws  

Wrap Luggage In Large Plastic Bags

Another easy way to keep your luggage dry is by using giant plastic bags, also known as contractor bags. These are perfect if you’re on a budget and in a hurry. 

These items are durable because they’re made of 3mm polyethylene. This material can be found in plastic bags and food containers as well. Plus, these bags are widely available in local hardware stores.

To install, you’ll just need Gorilla tape to secure them (duct tape will do if it’s not a long soaking-wet journey). It’s essential to cover the first bag you seal with a second one facing the other way, creating a tight dual barrier to protect against water and other elements.

Will Suitcases Fly Out of a Truck Bed Without Proper Securing?

Putting your suitcase in a truck bed without securing it is dangerous, not just for you but other motorists. If your suitcase is heavy enough, it’ll be less likely to fly out compared to if your suitcase is light. Whatever the weight of your bag is, it’s best to keep it secure.

How To Secure Luggage in a Truck:

Take note of the following to secure your luggage in a truck:

  1. Don’t exceed the weight limit of your vehicle
  2. Use straps, bungee cords, or Gorilla tape to keep your items in place
  3. A tarp, tonneau cover, or truck bed can keep your luggage safe
  4. Ensure that your tailgate locks securely and remains closed even if your load presses against it
  5. Your load should be balanced and strapped to avoid shifting
  6. It’s also important to keep items below the truck bed’s edge or that of the trailer


With all these options mentioned, have you made up your mind? 

Now that you have discovered options on how to keep your luggage dry in your truck bed, you can choose the one that fits your budget and needs, and it’ll surely make you enjoy your trip hassle-free. 

This way you don’t have to worry about your luggage getting wet with unpredictable weather.

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