How To Make Mascara Waterproof: 3 Simple Methods

Mascara doesn’t look great when it’s come into contact with water.

Thankfully waterproofing your mascara is relatively simple, it can be done by spraying hairspray over the mascara once applied, by mixing hairspray and mascara prior to application or by using a purpose-made waterproof top coat.

waterproof mascara

1. Spray Hairspray Over The Mascara

This is the easiest way of waterproofing your mascara however it’s not the safest.

It involves simply spraying hairspray over the mascara once applied, obviously you need to keep your eyes closed tightly when doing this, opening your eyes while spraying is highly dangerous.

2. Mix Hairspray Into Dry Formula Mascara

Mixing hairspray and mascara prior to applying the mascara is another way of waterproofing it.

This works best when you use dry powder mascara.

Be aware that these methods can make the mascara appear, so use the hairspray sparingly to avoid this.

To do this simply spray a small amount of hairspray into the dry powder mascara, be careful not to spray in too much initially.

Alternatively, you can also spray hairspray onto your mascara brush before and after applying the mascara to it.

3. Use A Waterproof Top Coat

Next time you need to waterproof your mascara the most effective (and least dangerous) method is to use a purpose-made makeup waterproofing top coat.

Or you could use a waterproof mascara to save an extra step.

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