Is Gorilla Tape Waterproof?

Yes, Gorilla Tape is waterproof.

Gorilla tape is an extra-strong tape that is suitable for emergency repairs including fixing leaks.

It is great for waterproofing because it of its rubber UV-resistant backing which does two things:

  1. It flexes to adapt to the surface you are using it on thus creating a tighter seal.
  2. Its UV resistance means it won’t break down and fail due to sun exposure.

It is suitable for use on most surfaces including things like roofing, pond liners, paddling pools, inflatables, flashing, window frames, gutters, drain pipes, tarpaulins, caravans, trailers and tents.

When applying gorilla tape ensure that you dry off the surface as much as possible and press the tape down flat so that no small water pockets are created (as this will reduce the effectiveness of the sticky back), use a roller to help with this.

You can apply Gorilla Tape underwater (see here) and successfully seal a leak if necessary, just be sure to roll it out thoroughly so that there is a good seal and no water trapped under it.

Be aware that Gorilla Tape doesn’t adhere very well to water-repellant materials and silicone.

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