Is Plasti Dip Waterproof?

Yes, Plasti Dip is waterproof.

Plasti Dip is an incredibly versatile specialty rubber coating.

It is peelable (so once it’s dried if you don’t like it you can just peel it off), highly flexible, a great insulator, non-slip and highly durable.

It is used for a huge variety of applications ranging from recoating cars to home improvements and much more.

US Plastics have a comprehensive list of all the things the Plasti Dip can be used for here.

Needless to say there are a lot of ways that Plasti Dip can be used for waterproofing including:

  • Waterproofing vehicle distributors
  • Waterproof servos on R/C race cars
  • Waterproofing wire on vehicle spark terminals
  • Seal entire electric boat motors from saltwater
  • Insulate marine solder lugs from saltwater
  • Coat cables on watercrafts
  • Coat junction box on outboard motors to keep the water out
  • Waterproofing underwater acoustics
  • Waterproofing aero cloner in aquariums
  • Waterproof outdoor electrical connections & connectors
  • Waterproof robot electronics
  • Waterproof/insulate soldered connections for electrical outlet boxes
  • Waterproof wooden window planters
  • Coat malting trays to protect from sulfur, chlorine and water

As you can see plasti dip is great at waterproofing whether you need to waterproof something that will be completely submerged or something that will be frequently exposed to saltwater plasti dip is ideal for the job.

Plasti Dip is made from a mix of thermoplastic rubbers, solvents, plasticizers, and antioxidants combined these make it not only good at waterproofing but this also gives it great wet traction, substrate adhesion as well as incredible tensile strength without being abrasive to the skin.

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