Is Rattan Waterproof?

Natural rattan is not waterproof and quickly cracks if it gets repeatedly soaked.

Synthetic rattan is more commonly used for making garden furniture, synthetic rattan is water-resistant rather than fully waterproof.

It is designed to be weatherproof meaning it can handle rain and snow, however if you chuck it in a pool or garden pond you will significantly shorten its lifespan.

Rattan furniture varies drastically in quality, needless to say higher quality products will last longer and will be far more resistant to water and weather than cheaper products.

Natural rattan is not waterproof. While it can be extremely strong and durable when cared for properly it quickly gets damaged by weather exposure.

Sun exposure will damage it and break down the exterior, allowing water to get into it and causing it to crack and break down even more quickly.

If you have natural rattan furniture then it must be either kept indoors when not in use or covered with a sheet.

Most rattan furniture is made of synthetic rattan.

rattan furniture

Synthetic rattan is made from polyethene (PE),  polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

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These are weather resistant and can be left permanently outdoors exposed to rain, sun and snow.

Most rattan furniture is made from either PU or PVC, these are cheaper to manufacture than PE rattan because they are less durable.

Typically they will only come with a one year guarantee as they are prone to cracking from water and sun exposure, however if you keep them sheltered and in the shade they can easily last for three years or more.

PE rattan is extremely durable and often comes with a 6 year guarantee and it is not unheard of for PE rattan furniture to last for well over 10 years if looked after.

The most water resistant rattan furniture is:

  • Made from PE rattan
  • Treated with UV stabilization to protect it from the sun.
  • Made with an aluminum frame – these are less prone to rust than other materials which are commonly used for frames on cheaper sets.

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