Will WD40 Waterproof Boots?

There are many ways you can give your boots a water-resistant coating.

WD40 is one of those ways.

You can use WD40 on your boots to give them a waterproof coating.

It is important to remember, however, that most methods of waterproofing shoes or boots are not permanent.

Evening using WD40 will not create a permanent waterproofing effect.

For a proper waterproof effect, you will need to purchase shoes that have been waterproofed during manufacturing.

Can WD40 Waterproof Shoes?

Yes, WD40 can waterproof shoes.

However, it should only be used on shoes with a smooth surface.

The effect of WD40 on shoes, as with most waterproofing sprays, is not permanent.

wd40 on shoes

Coating your shoes with WD40 will give them a water-resistant property.

This will add an additional layer of protection to your shoes and essentially lengthen their lifespan.

WD40 will act as a barrier on your shoes so that water or other liquids cannot penetrate the material.

WD40 On Suede Shoes

In short, WD40 should absolutely not be used on suede!

WD40 is known to be more of a problem than a fix when it comes to suede shoes.

If applied to your suede shoes, WD40 is more than likely going to stain the material.

It is best to keep WD40 well away from anything suede.

You should also avoid using WD40 on sneaker-type shoes.

Can You Use WD40 To Waterproof Leather Shoes/Boots?

Using WD40 on your leather boots or shoes is an effective way to protect them from water and other forms of liquids.

It is safe to use on leather and will not damage it.

Instead, WD40 will protect them and prolong their life.

However, WD40 is not a permanent solution and will not fully waterproof your leather shoes or boots.

WD40 will add a protective coating to your leather shoes or boots.

This coating will repel any liquids that come into contact with it.

Because WD40 is not a permanent waterproofing solution, it is likely to wear off over time.

For continuous protection, you will need to reapply a coating of WD40 every so often.

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Can You Use WD40 On White Shoes?

White shoes can be cleaned back to their original white again using WD40.

It is an extremely effective way to clean your shoes, even those with the hardest to clean marks. 

WD40 helps to clean white shoes by removing stubborn stains and hard-to-reach grime.

It should not, however, be left on the shoes.

You should clean the WD40 off of your shoes when you have removed all of the marks and stains.

WD40 should not be used as a waterproofing spray on any light-colored shoes.

The spray will leave dark stains on the light-colored material.

Is WD40 Waterproof?

WD40 can be used to waterproof items as it is a water-repellent spray.

This spray is a lubricant made from silicone.

It can be used successfully to not only lubricate items but to waterproof them.

WD40 is a water-displacing spray, which is why it is effective at waterproofing items.

How To Use WD40 On Shoes

WD40 can be used successfully on shoes in order to waterproof them.

Here is how you do it:

1. Prepare Your Shoes

The first thing to do is to prepare your shoes for waterproofing.

To do this, all you need to do is give them a good clean.

Cleaning your shoes ensures there are no foreign objects such as sand left on your shoes.

2. Spray the WD40

Once your shoes are clean and clear of any sand or dirt, you can begin the waterproofing process.

Work with one shoe at a time.

Spray your shoe with an even but fairly generous amount of WD 40.

Be sure to cover the whole surface area of the shoe.

Remember: WD40 should not be used on suede shoes or sneakers.

WD40 is best used on shoes with a smooth surface.

3. Buff Your Shoes

Once you have sprayed the WD40 onto your shoe, work the oil into the material.

To do this, use a cloth to buff the WD40 into your shoes.

Make sure to buff your shoes evenly with the oil and to get the whole surface area.

4. Repeat Regularly

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other shoe.

As WD40 is not a permanent waterproofing solution, you will need to repeat this process regularly.

It is best to recoat your shoes every few months to keep the waterproof coating of WD40 effective.

Final Thoughts

Although WD40 is a great product to use to waterproof shoes, it should be used wisely.

WD40 cannot be used on all kinds of shoes.

Avoid using WD40 on white or light-colored shoes as well as on suede shoes.

It works best on shoes that are of a dark color and have a smooth surface.


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