Hi there!

My name is Dan, by day I work a desk job but by night I’m a leak-fighting, waterproofing dad on a one-man mission to prevent damp from getting to places it shouldn’t be..

waterproof tips dan

..I wish that was true, I actually mostly just sleep during the night.

However I do have a passing interest in waterproofing.

Having made the questionable decision to purchase a home some years ago with 6 bathrooms (yes 6!), leaks are something I have become far too familiar with.

When I’m not busy trying to figure out how to do a fiddly D.I.Y job or looking after the kids I occassionally dabble in outdoor pursuits.

As anyone who has ever gone for a walk up a hill will tell you, always be prepared for rain.

I’ve been soaked to the skin more times than I can count.

This website is an amalgamation of my experience in leak fixing and getting soaked all too frequently.

I noticed there aren’t a lot of websites around dedicated to day to day waterproofing for the common man (like me) who just want to know how to do basic waterproofing jobs or if a certain item is waterproof or how to waterproof an item.

I hope over time to turn Waterproof Tips into a place where anyone can come to have all their waterproofing questions clearly answered.

Thanks for visiting my about page.

If you have any questions at all please get in touch via the contact page.

Happy waterproofing,