Are Badland Winches Waterproof?

Having a winch you can count on in any situation is essential for any off-road adventurer. Badland offers a line of high-quality, affordable winches.

Most of the winches Badland produce are only water-resistant; that means they can resist the penetration of water to a certain degree.

Yet, they aren’t entirely waterproof.

In other words, they’re okay with some splashes of water, but can’t withstand getting submerged in water.

The exception to that are the Badland 3500 and Badland APEX 12000, which can withstand getting submerged in water.

are badland winches wateproof

How Water Resistant Are Badland’s Winches?

Most of the Badland winches are IP66 rated.

The Ingress Protection (IP) ratings are used to define the level of sealing effectiveness of electrical devices against intrusion of liquid and solid materials.

The product is tested thoroughly to determine its rating. The results are expressed by a set of two numbers.

The first digit resembles the level of protection against intrusion from solid objects like dust. While the second digit resembles the level of protection against the intrusion of moisture and water.

A rating of IP66 means that this product is fully protected against strong jets of water and protected against dust.

For an electronic device to obtain a rating of IP66, the device is tested under tough conditions that imitates real life situations.

The device must be able to withstand a multi-directional, high-pressure water coming from a 0.5-inch nozzle for at least three minutes at a three yards distance.

So, the winch will be fine with getting splashes of water, or in bad weather like heavy showers or a rainstorm.

It’s also fine if it briefly gets dipped into water. Yet, it isn’t protected against submerging in water for a long period.

Waterproof Badland Winches

The Badland 3500 is rated at IP67.

It’s fully waterproof; as it can withstand being submerged in water for as low as 3 feet.

It’s perfect for harsher weather conditions and high moisture. 

Badland APEX 12000 is even more advanced.

It comes in different models of IP68 and IP69K.

Both models can withstand pressure washing of 1,400 psi. 

To Sum Up

Badland winches are of high quality to suit your off-road adventures. Most of them are IP66 rated.

That means they’re water-resistant, and they’ll be okay in rainy weather and getting water splashes.

Except for the Badland 3500 and the Badland APEX 12000, which are completely waterproof.

So, they’re completely fine with pressure washing and getting completely immersed in water.

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