How to Keep Money Dry in a Safe: 4 Methods

Many people own a safe to keep their valuables, like money, documents, and passports locked away. However, when you store those things for a long time, they dampen and become more prone to mold damage. So, how to keep money dry in a safe?

There are a few methods that help keep your money and important documents dry inside a safe. The key here is to prevent moisture.

To do that, you can use moisture absorbers or a dehumidifying rod. It also helps to keep the safe in a dry place and aerate it regularly.

how to keep money dry in a safe

Keep scrolling to know what causes dampness in a safe and all the ways that you can keep it dry.

Causes of Dampness in a Safe

Naturally-existing high humidity where you live is one of the main reasons causing dampness inside your safe. Additionally, anything you place in the safe has a minor level of moisture, which may be released with time.

Condensation can also be one of the reasons, especially if you’ve moved the safe from a cold atmosphere to a warmer place. As it adjusts its temperature, the safe creates condensation, which in turn dampens the money inside.

Let’s not forget that waterproof and fireproof safes are airtight, and therefore, the moisture inside can’t escape.

How to Keep Money Dry in a Safe?

There are a few methods you can try out to keep the money inside your safe dry, these are:

1. Put the Safe in a Dry Place

One of the most obvious methods to protect the money inside your safe from moisture is to keep the safe in a dry place. 

open draw with a small open safe containing money inside

So, if your safe is in the basement, you should consider moving it elsewhere.

2. Open the Safe Frequently

You shouldn’t keep your safe shut for long periods of time. 

That’s why it’s recommended to open the safe for at least 20 minutes every two weeks to let it aerate.

3. Use Moisture Absorbers

There are a few products that may help you keep your money dry inside a safe, and these are labeled as moisture absorbers. Here are some of our favorite choices:

Use Cat Litter

Cat litter is one of the most effective products in preventing moisture. Originally, it was produced to absorb cats’ urine and solidify it. That’s why it’s perfect to keep the inside of your safe dry.

All you need to do is to fill a cup with cat litter and place it with the money inside the safe. Just remember to change it every month.

Use Rice

You’ve probably heard of people using rice to dry their phones that have fallen into the water. Aside from being widely available and affordable, rice grains have the ability to absorb water from the surrounding air.

Just like cat litter, place a small amount of rice in a bowl and put it inside the safe. Also, make sure to replace it periodically.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the products that suck in moisture and help deodorize any space. Just like rice, baking soda is affordable and available in any pantry.

What you need to do is open a box of baking soda and place it next to the money inside the safe. Don’t forget to change it once every 4–6 months.

Use Silica Gel

Silica gel is a drying agent, which means that it absorbs condensation from the surrounding environment. It’s both inexpensive and effective. That makes it an ideal candidate for keeping your money dry inside a safe.

For the best results, put silica gel packets inside the safe and replace them as per the manufacturer’s directions.

Use Chalk Powder

Chalk is hydrophilic in nature, which means that it has the tendency to absorb water. That’s why chalk powder can work great in keeping the inside of your safe dry.

Place a handful of chalk powder in a small bowl, put it inside the safe, and replace it every 6 months.

4. Use a Dehumidifying Rod

A dehumidifying rod is an electrical device that maintains the air temperature and allows the air to circulate inside your safe.

Consequently, it eliminates moisture, mold, mildew, and condensation.

This device is great for those who might forget to replace the moisture absorbers inside the safe.


Having a safe is essential to keep all your valuable belongings and cash inside. However, it becomes a source of disappointment when you open it and find your money all damp.

Luckily, there are helpful answers on how to keep your money dry inside a safe. All the previously mentioned methods are simple, affordable, and worth trying. So, don’t ignore the fact that it can get moldy inside your safe due to moisture, and start taking action!

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