How To Waterproof Felt: 3 Ways

Felt is a great material to work with for many projects. It is durable, can be cut into shapes and sewn together easily.

But there are times when you need to waterproof felt so it can be used outdoors or in areas where moisture may accumulate.

Here are some tips on how you can waterproof felt:

  1. Spray it with a sealant such as Scotchguard
  2. Paint a layer of paint onto the surface
  3. Cut pieces of plastic wrap and lay them on top of the wet paint

1. How To Waterproof Felt Using Scotchguard

Spraying your fabric with a sealant such as Scotchguard will keep the felt from absorbing any liquid and make water bead up on top of its surface, preventing damage to your felt. It also helps prevent moisture-related mold growth if you are storing fabrics for long periods between use.

When applying Scotchguard make sure to spray it in a well-ventilated place, away from the face.

Hold the can at least 15cm away from the fabric when spraying.

The fabric should be sprayed evenly and liberally with the sealant. Make sure to cover all of it, including any cut edges or seams.

Once you have sprayed your felt let it dry for 24 hours. After 24 hours we recommend you apply a second coat of Scotchguard to make sure it is fully waterproofed.

Scotchguard is best used on felt projects including things such as felt hats, rugs and mats for the home or office.

2. How To Waterproof Your Felt Using Paint

This method is not as effective or long lasting as using Scotchguard, but it will work in a pinch.

The paint must be acrylic and water-based for this to happen!

paint to waterproof felt

Acrylic paints are usually available at your local craft store.

You can also use latex housepaint.

Make sure that whatever paint you use is quite thin so that there isn’t too much pigment on top when applied over felt fabric because thicker layers may cause cracking after drying.

To paint your felt simply paint it with a thin layer of paint, wait for the first coat to dry and then apply another.

A third or fourth coat may be necessary if you are using latex house paint because this type is thicker than acrylic paints which means more pigment will adhere to your felt fabric when applied over time!

Using paint to waterproof your felt is recommended for felt items such as placemats or coasters.

The paint will help protect your felt from spills and stains when used in these applications!

3. How To Waterproof Felt Using Pieces of Plastic Wrap

If you are looking for a quick, cheap and easy way to waterproof your felt, try this method!

This is a good idea if the piece of fabric that needs water protection has intricate patterns or designs on it as the pattern will be clearly visible through the plastic.

plastic wrap to waterproof felt

Simply cut a piece of plastic wrap that is larger than the size you need and place it on top.

This will allow your felt to be waterproof while still preserving any patterns or designs underneath.

To secure the plastic wrap in place all you need to do is fold it over the edges of your felt fabric and then use a hot iron to seal in place.

You can also glue or sew down any loose ends for added protection!

Using plastic wrap to waterproof your felt is best used for items such as felt tablecloths, placemats or other items that may be used in the kitchen.

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