Is The Ring Doorbell Waterproof?

The Ring doorbell is water-resistant, but not waterproof

The key is in the IP rating, all waterproof products typically have an IP rating. 

However, Ring doorbells do not have this type of rating, despite this Ring doorbells can withstand heavy rain…just don’t fully submerge it in water!

is the ring doorbell waterproof

Can a Ring doorbell get wet?

Even though you might feel concerned as to whether or not the device will keep on working if it gets exposed to rain or snow, for example, we’d like to note that their water resistance is actually very good. 

Water-resistance is actually given by a variety of layers of coating that have water-repellent properties. 

Over time, these layers can get damaged, especially by physical factors such as hail. On the other hand, most water-resistant doorbells tend to last for decades before failing due to humidity. 

When a Ring doorbell gets wet, some of the water might be able to get into the structure of the device. Usually, this is only a very low amount, which is why it will not affect the operation of the device. 

However, if there are significant variations in temperature and the Ring doorbell gets wet all the time, there could be moisture or condensation happening inside it. 

This inevitably leads to the electrical wiring that allows the Ring doorbell to do its job to be affected to some extent or the other. 

What happens if your Ring doorbell gets wet?

Depending on the exact type of product you own, there could be some things malfunctioning, which you’ll notice easily. 

The most common functionality issue that appears with these devices is the camera’s clarity being affected as a result of moisture ending up inside the lens or between the lens layers. 

If the electrical wiring is the part that’s been affected by the humidity and condensation, the device might malfunction to the point that it gives an electrical shock to those touching it. 

If this happens, you have to get in touch with the Ring customer service right away, not just to fix your device but also to keep it safe for everyone. 

Ring products and the elements

According to the brand’s official website, most ring devices can withstand elements such as snow, rain, and even extreme heat.

The camera and the doorbell are both capable of working in extreme temperatures.

The doorbells can function perfectly within the temperature range of -20 to 50 degrees C (-1 to 120 degrees F). 

The Ring cams are supposed to be able to do their job in a different range, from -30 to 48.5 degrees C (-22 to 120 degrees F). 

Can you protect your Ring doorbell?


There are many ways to protect it and extend its life. 

The first and most obvious one is to install it right next to your door under a roof or an awning. 

Most houses are already outfitted with such protective structures, which make it very difficult for any rain or even direct sunlight to come in direct contact with the sides of your door. 

If you do not have a porch for one reason or the other, the following solutions work well:

1. A waterproof cover

Waterproof covers can be somewhat similar to the plastic rain covers we’ll discuss below, but they can also be designed much like a silicone skin. 

The thinness of the material doesn’t typically affect the operation of the camera or doorbell, and the best thing about this option is that it protects your device from strong wind, rain, snow, and even dust. 

Some parts of the Ring doorbell are going to be exposed to direct sunlight, though, so do consider that. 

Perhaps the best combination would be for you to get a waterproof cover and use a plastic rain cover at the same time, for example. 

A waterproof silicone cover that we liked and have found to be compatible with the Ring doorbell is the Silicone Skin Case cover by the Meffort Inc Store. B07VGN7CVG 

2. A weather blocking mount

Weather blocking doorbell visors are quite effective, too, but they aren’t going to completely protect the device. 

In fact, they do a great job of preventing glare and protecting Ring doorbells from direct sunlight. 

However, a weather blocking mount does not protect the device against strong wind or heavy rain, especially when it’s coming from the sides. 

If you live in an area of the United States that doesn’t usually get inclement weather and the only problem you need to manage is hot weather, this one might be a good choice. If not, you might have to look for something different. 

One product that we recommend for this is the OLAIKE Waterproof & Adjustable Angle Mount for Video Doorbell. B098PWTMJ3 

3. A cheap plastic or metal rain cover

There are several plastic models currently available and many work with Ring doorbells. Most are equipped with sides that surround the camera and effectively prevent any water from the rain from coming in direct contact with it. 

We’d say that the most significant reason to consider this type of product is that it is extremely easy to install — with most products requiring you to glue them to the wall. 

So, with this one, you aren’t going to have to drill anything. 

The metal one does come with screws, so you will have to go through a bit of more hassle to install it. The HomeAll Waterproof Metal Rain Cover for Doorbell is a great example of an excellent product in this sense. B09FGKXJTN 

4. A glass box

Although pretty effective in itself, a glass box will protect your device but will also cause a number of other issues. 

First off, since most glass boxes will allow only the button of your Ring doorbell to come in contact with the exterior, there could be some condensation happening inside the box. 

The other reason this solution might not work so well is that the camera might malfunction on account of the sensors not being able to pick up movement as per usual. 

More often than not, plastic covers are usually fitted with thin walls, and these allow the sensors to do their job properly. 

Can the setup process affect a Ring doorbell’s water resistance?

Not really. From what we’ve gathered, most people who use Ring doorbells report that the installation process is not a nuisance, it typically lasts for less than 30 minutes, and all of the parts fit together as expected. 

You do have to get the Ring app first, depending on the type of device you intend to use with it. It can be downloaded from Google Play, the App Store, or the Windows Apps section from the Microsoft Store. 

The device itself is water-resistant because it comes pre-assembled. 

This means that you are only going to have to attach the mounting bracket to the place where your previous doorbell was located. 

Your Ring doorbell will afterward begin to work, but you will need a subscription if you want your videos to be stored in the Cloud. 

What if I want a waterproof doorbell and camera?

There are other options currently available, and while they might be less popular compared to Ring devices, they still do their job properly, and they are waterproof — so you can rest assured that inclement weather is not going to affect them. 

Here are several examples of similar doorbells that come with an IP55 rating. 

  • Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Camera
  • Remo+ RemoBell WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with HD Video
  • Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell HD 

Most of the alternatives we came across actually cost less compared to Ring products, although some might not offer the same functionalities or convenience.

They are at least worth looking into, especially since many can be paired with other devices such as Alexa. 

Final thoughts

To sum up, Ring doorbells are not waterproof. They are, however, weather- and water-resistant and they can withstand the abuse of the elements, even the harshest ones. 

If you already own a Ring doorbell and want to protect it from rain, snow, or direct sunlight, there are plenty of covers you can choose from — some of which are quite affordable and effective. 

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