Are Doc Martens Waterproof?

No, most Doc Martens are not waterproof.

These stylish shoes are built to be durable, sturdy and comfortable but the majority of the Doc Marten range is not waterproof.

are doc martens waterproof

However, there are a few fully waterproof boots now available in their range.

If you plan on taking your shoes on some wet and wild adventures be sure to take a look at the waterproof options or use the tips below to help them handle wet weather better.

Are Canvas Doc Martens Waterproof?

No, Canvas doc martens are not waterproof, in fact they are far less water-resistant than leather-based doc martens.

How to Make Doc Martens More Water-Resistant

Doc Martens are able to withstand the elements and they are known for tackling the muddy fields of Glastonbury.

However, Doc Martens are generally not the best boots for winter when they come straight out of the box.

Don’t lose hope though, with a bit of care and some waterproof spray they will be able to handle water more effectively without becoming damaged.

Waxing and spraying your boots is one of the easiest ways to help solve this waterproofing problem.

Doc Martens sells a Dubbin Wax which is great to rejuvenate and clean older boots and add an extra layer of protection to new boots, just follow the steps below:

  1. Clean the Doc Martens
  2. Wax them with Dubbin Wax or similar 
  3. Let them dry 
  4. Spray them with a protector spray such as Doc Martens Ultra Protector (this helps keep the boots water-resistant for longer).
  5. Wear them and enjoy!

While not a complete waterproofing solution, these simple care steps can help improve the water-resistance of the boots so you can wear them more confidently in the dirt and rain.

You could also pair them with waterproof socks for an extra layer of protection (read our article on how to wash waterproof socks if this is something you need to do!).

Which Doc Martens Are Waterproof?

How water-resistant the shoes are depends on the specific cut and material chosen.

There are more waterproof options available, classics such as the 1460 boot are now available in a waterproof edition.

This waterproof version uses DryWair which is waterproof yet breathable as well as a waterproof welt that is heat-sealed and stitched through the boot level to ensure the sole is waterproof.

The boot leather is also given a waterproof treatment.

You can wear these in wet weather with comfort and confidence.

Doc Martens are built to last so it makes sense to improve their ability to handle those rainy days.

A bit of extra care can go a long way in preventing water damage.

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