Is Gaffer Tape Waterproof?

No, Gaffer tape is not waterproof.

Gaffer tape is made from cotton cloth and it is often used to tape down cables in staging jobs such as at the theatre, in photography shoots, film & TV productions and other similar things. 

Because it is used to temporarily secure wires and cables it needs to be easy to remove without leaving behind residue or damaging the surface it was on. This means that the glue used is relatively weak, it certainly wouldn’t be strong enough to create a watertight seal.

Did you know?

The name gaffer tape comes from the fact that cables were tied down to prevent actors or staff from tripping over them thus causing a “gaff”.

Gaffer tape is routinely confused with duct tape, however the two are different as duct tape is usually made from vinyl and it is less resistant to heat than gaffer tape is.

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